Donate Today

We accept donations during business hours at our Donations Door, located at the rear of the Goodway building on the North side. Currently we do not have pick-up capability.

What can I donate?

It is hard to say, “No, thank you” to a donation since this is what our organization depends on. The Goodway accepts almost anything you have in your home except the following items due to safety hazards, inability to repair items, and garbage disposal fees.
We are unable to accept:
• used mattresses or water beds
• furniture
• electric or kerosene heaters
• paint or paint thinners
• flammable materials
• car batteries or any other corrosive materials
• used tires
• large appliances
• building materials (bathroom fixtures)
• baby cribs
• child seat/car seat
• high chairs
• pianos/organs
• metal desks
• large desks
• large exercise equipment
• weapons


What happens to the items after I donate?

The Goodway has an amazing track record that over 95% of all donated items get re-sold or re-cycled. Your donations help Kingston and area people get back to school, back to work or trained in a dynamic retail environment. All profits generated through The Goodway will be reinvested into Kingston through community partnerships. By simply donating goods and shopping at The Goodway, Kingston residents are directly helping their community and diverting unused items away from landfill.


Where does the money go?

The Goodway generates revenue that is reinvested and distributed to local community groups focused on job training and skills development programs for residents of Kingston as well as helping youth stay or get back in school. As we generate profits, these will be distributed to local charitable organizations that share that focus. We will be developing an application process prior to the end of our first year in business which will be September 2016.


Why do you charge tax?

The Goodway is a social enterprise and retail thrift store. We are required by law to charge tax.


What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprises are organizations that apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. The businesses make money from selling goods and services and reinvest their profits back into the local community. A commitment to re-investing back into the community is central to The Goodway’s business model of success.