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We accept donations during weekdays from 9am-5pm and Saturday from 9am-2pm at our Donations Door, located at the rear of the Goodway building on the North side. Currently we do not have pick-up capability.

The Goodway has an amazing track record that over 95% of all donated items get re-sold or re-cycled. Your donations help Kingston and area people get back to school, back to work or trained in a dynamic retail environment. All profits generated through The Goodway will be reinvested into Kingston through community partnerships. By simply donating goods and shopping at The Goodway, Kingston residents are directly helping their community and diverting unused items away from landfill.

We Are Unable to Accept:

It is hard to say, “No, thank you” to a donation since this is what our organization depends on. Unfortunately, The Goodway cannot accept some items for reasons which include safety hazards, inability to repair items, and garbage disposal fees. For further information please ask one of our on-site customer care representatives.

• used mattresses or water beds
• large furniture
• electric or kerosene heaters
• paint or paint thinners
• flammable materials
• car batteries or any other corrosive materials
• used tires
• large appliances
• building materials (bathroom fixtures)
• baby cribs
• child seat/car seat
• high chairs
• pianos/organs
• metal desks
• large desks
• large exercise equipment
• weapons